Curating Datasets from Data Contributors

The data curation process starts once a partner is on-boarded as a Data Contributor. Our plan is to work with the data contributors and prepare necessary frameworks and tools to assist with sharing data on the Hub.

The steps in a data curation cycle:

  • Step 1 - Identification of datasets to be released on the hub
  • Step 2 - Sharing a sample of each dataset with appropriate documentation to check for data quality and assess the requirements for making the data available on the Hub. We also verify the datasets to confirm the presence of any PII’s (Personally Identifiable Information) and then take necessary steps with the partner to make it compatible within the framework of the Justice-Hub
  • Step 3 - Prepare data reports for each dataset and share it with the data contributors. These reports will have details from Step 2, and will list down steps, if required, for further data processing and documentation.
  • Step 4 - Discuss the ontology of datasets (dataset category) and prepare a plan to release data on the Hub
  • Step 5 - Upload the datasets on the Justice Hub and share the links with data contributors
  • 📝 - Check the Data Reports section to access reports for all data-contributors