Chapter 1 The Dataset

What is a legal dataset?

Note: Content under this section is reproduced from a research paper titled - A Realistic Guide to Making Data Available Alongside Code to Improve Reproducibility by Nicholas J Tierney & Karthik Ram.

To share data analysis data, there should be some minimal set of requirements. For example, the data should contain information on metadata, data dictionaries, the README, and data used in analysis.

There are 8 pieces of content to consider for data sharing:

  • README: A Human readable description of the data
  • Data dictionary: Human readable dictionary of data contents
  • License: How to use and share the data
  • Citation: How you want your data to be cited
  • Machine readable meta data: Make your data searchable
  • Raw data: The original/first data provided
  • Scripts: To clean raw data ready for analysis
  • Analysis ready data: Final data used in analysis

To arrange the files, a tried and tested layout is shared below for your reference:

Next, we’ll discuss a few sections, mentioned above, in detail and also share a few reference links from other data repositories.